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Rodent Season is in Full Swing

Now that the cold weather is here monthly trap maintenance, and proofing inspections are great ways to ensure rodents don’t make your house their home. Call or email today to discuss rodent control options specific to your property.

Our Company

At Kendel Pest Services, we use our expertise and knowledge to diagnose and treat pest problems at their source. Pest-specific, targeted treatments are how we offer long-term, reliable solutions for all types of pest problems. We are truly Innovative.

Innovative Pest Control for the Sunshine Coast

14 Pest Inspections

We locate and assess the nature of problems, identify the pests in question, and educate the client about solutions. Often making a few simple changes can drastically reduce pest activity.

14 Rodent Control

We are leading experts on control and always use an Integrated Pest Management approach based on the particular species of rodent and the individual situation.

14 Rodent Proofing

Exclusion is the goal of any Integrated Pest Management plan. After control has been established, we suggest repairs which should be made in order to prevent future infestations.

14 Pre-Treatment

We treat all exposed wood framework, crawlspaces, joists and trusses, plumbing and wiring as well as foundations with an insecticide that is completely safe (low toxicity) when dry. This product works as a physical barrier to insects.

14 Insect Treatments

We adhere to modern Integrated Pest Management practices, and when the use of pesticide is necessary we only use preferred pesticides in limited quantities. We have invested in modern equipment, ensuring precise treatments and the utmost safety on every job.

14 Realty Inspections

We provide a full report, make recommendations to remedy any existing pest situations, and will provide estimates if requested.

Pest Control on the Sunshine Coast

Kendel Pest Services is a locally owned and operated family company proudly serving the Sunshine Coast and surrounding islands. With two decades of experience in pest control on the Sunshine Coast, we are industry experts you can always rely on. Most pest control companies experience a frequent turnover of employees and with inexperienced workers on staff it is difficult to guarantee a consistent quality of service. An advantage to using Kendel Pest Services is knowing you can always rely on skilled professionals with a vested interest in the company and many years of experience with actual pest control operations. We pride ourselves on providing customer service that is second to none every time, without fail. We are honest, reliable professionals with the knowledge and experience to solve your pest problem with skill and integrity.

People often ask — what makes us innovative? Though we are licensed pest management experts and certified pesticide applicators, we are not content to continue on with antiquated treatments, relying on the use of chemicals to achieve results. Many of the chemical treatments used in pest control are outdated and often are developed for profit by chemical manufactures.

At Kendel Pest Services, we understand that structural pest management is an evolving industry with new treatment and control options becoming available all the time. We are constantly researching new techniques to stay current with the latest developments in the industry. We also look outside the industry for solutions to common pest problems that don’t involve poison or chemicals. We strictly adhere to modern Integrated Pest Management practices, and when the use of pesticide is necessary we only use preferred pesticides in limited quantities. We have invested in state of the art, modern equipment, ensuring precise treatments and the utmost safety on every job, and we always operate in an environmentally conscious way.

We do not believe in band-aid fixes; we provide long-term solutions through real experience and innovation. We approach each individual situation with tact and skill and have a reputation for solving problems others can’t. We value your business and we take pride in being there when you need us. Contact us for a consultation, you will be glad you did!

At Kendel Pest Services we offer a variety of innovative pest control services. From comprehensive inspections, professional, responsible treatment of existing problems, or pre-treatments to prevent future pest issues – Kendel Pest Services is your first call for prompt, friendly and reliable service.

Do you know what the most common pests on the Sunshine Coast are? Want to know more about your pest control options and why it is important to have your home and/or property professionally inspected and treated? Be sure to visit our pest library for more information!

Watch a variety of Kendel Pest Services videos showcasing our inspection and treatment expertise with carpenter ants, cornfield ants and termites. When you’re done, contact the experts. We can solve all your pest problems!