Kendel Pest Services Policies

your business is important to us


We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service at a fair price. We have done away with unneeded window dressing and gimmicks to keep our overhead low and we offer the most competitive prices along with the best service possible. We do not require you sign a contract or commit to a package deal you may not want or need. Every situation is unique and we tailor make all our Integrated Pest Management services for each individual client based on there specific needs. We take the time to explain all possible options and provide information in a factual non inflammatory manner enabling our clients to make informed decisions. When you call Kendel Pest Services you will always get top level service whether it’s a big job or an initial consultation, we only have one level of service, the best. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Kendel Pest Services’ Commitment to Guarding the Health of our Clients

People and pets before profits! At Kendel Pest Services we use the safest possible products and techniques to solve your pest problem. The health of our clients is of paramount importance and we never cut corners when it comes to safety. All the products we use are preferred pesticides and have been rigorously tested to meet safety and health requirements. We have state of the art equipment and employ the latest technology and techniques to ensure precision and safety. We also offer pesticide-free options in conjunction with our Integrated Pest Management regimen. We are committed to protecting your health as well as your home or business. We offer full disclosure of safety information for all of the products and treatments we use including Material Safety Data.

Protecting the Environment

When it comes to the environment, Kendel Pest Services is the most responsible and progressive pest control company servicing the Sunshine Coast. Whenever possible we strive to solve pest problems without the use of pesticide. We only use pesticides when appropriate and always in conjunction with an Integrated Pest Management Plan. When pesticides are required we only use appropriate preferred pesticides that are registered for the type of treatment and specific pest we are controlling. We have never used products that may harm the environment simply because they are more effective and we refuse to apply pesticides in environmentally sensitive areas. All of our materials and treatments have a minimal impact on non target species and are as safe as they can possibly be. Over 95% of our rodent control is pesticide free and we have reduced pesticide use drastically for most insect treatments as well. We are also pleased to be the first company on the Sunshine Coast to offer pesticide-free treatment options.


Your privacy is important to us and we will not share any information about you with anyone for any reason. Information about you is kept in strict confidence and we do not discuss the particulars of work we perform for our clients unless specifically asked to do so. Your privacy is just as important to us as it is to you.