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There are Options

The buzz in the pest control industry centers around recent bans and restrictions on the sale and use of pesticides. On a federal and provincial level pesticide use is now closely monitored and many products have been removed and are no longer registered for use due to the potential impact on human health, non target animal species and the environment.  Many municipalities are going totally green and have completely banned the non essential use of pesticides. Many in the pest control industry view these changes as overly restrictive and fear that they will not be able to operate due to the fact that applying pesticides is the very core of their business. At Kendel Pest Services we welcome these changes as a great opportunity to be involved in the evolution of more responsible form of pest control. We are proud and excited to be the first and only company on the coast to offer green options to our clients.

Kendel Pest Services is committed to protecting the health of our clients, their pets and of course the environment.  For too long pesticides have been misused and certainly over used in order to achieve results, but lets face it, anyone can drown a pest problem in pesticide. It does however take skill and knowledge to provide green solutions that are both effective and long lasting. At Kendel Pest Services we have spent years researching and testing different techniques and are the industry leaders you can trust. We now have many pesticide alternatives at our disposal which include organic extracts, botanical ingredients, naturally occurring pest specific pathogens, pheromone lures, traps, growth inhibitors and natural or introduced predators all of which are completely safe to people and pets. As part of our service we identify conditions that cause, attract and sustain pests and also make necessary repairs or environmental modifications or advise our clients on how to do so. We also educate our clients on how to manage and prevent pest problems over the long term. We can assess each situation and tailor a specific green program based on our client’s individual beliefs and needs.

In many situations pesticide use is required initially to eliminate an existing infestation especially when it is way out of control and has created an unlivable situation. We are licensed and certified pesticide applicators with extensive experience and all the capabilities of a traditional pest control company, the difference is we only use  pesticides in limited quantities and only when absolutely necessary. When the use of pesticide is warranted we use only preferred pesticides which are non persistent, low toxicity, pest specific and have a minimal impact on the environment. Once an emergency situation is under control we can employ green options for maintenance rather than application of pesticides on an ongoing basis. Many in the pest control industry claim to practice Integrated Pest Management, at Kendel Pest Services we have taken it to the next level. Contact us today for a consultation. Your family and home come first!