The Kendel Pest Services Team

a true family company

Shawn Kendel – Structural Pest Expert

Structural Pest Control Technician
& Licensed Pesticide Applicator

Shawn is a pest management expert, actively involved in the industry on the Sunshine Coast since 1998. Always in high-demand, Shawn has an impressive record of success due to his proven problem solving skills and extensive experience with all structural pests on the Coast and all of BC. He consistently achieves near perfect scores on the Ministry Structural Pest Control Certification exam.

Lee Kendel – B.Ed

Office Manager, Website Development & Technology

Lee works with Shawn behind the scenes. She is usually the first person you speak to when you call Kendel Pest Services, and helps to answer general questions and schedule appointments for customers. Lee makes sure we are up to date on the latest technology and helps ensure we continue to be the most effective and organized pest control company on the Sunshine Coast.

Ray Kendel – B.Sc

Research, Development and Consultant

Ray Kendel is a biologist and an expert on horticulture, mammals and insects. He is also highly skilled in construction and structural maintenance. Ray acts as a consultant whenever needed.