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Subterranean Termites
(Reticulitermes Hesperus)

Inspection of a crawlspace and rare footage of western subterranean termite foraging activity. The video is a bit grainy but certainly displays their sheer numbers, methodical nature and the damage they are capable of causing. Very interesting and worth watching.

Carpenter Ants
(Camponotus Modoc)

Treatment of a massive nest in a ceiling void

Another huge nest treatment. It should be noted that the ants seen on the outside of the nest in the clip are only a very small percentage of the nest population (about 5-10%). The vast majority of the workers and reproductive males and females (kings and queens) are in the styrofoam insulation layer above the roof deck.

This nest is very mature and well established with at least 8000-10,000 individuals and has been a problem in this structure for over 15 years.

Carpenter Ants
(Camponotus Modoc)

Shawn and Chris eliminate a very well established carpenter ant nest in a school ceiling. A conservative population estimate for this nest is approximately 3000 – 4000 individuals.This problem had existed for many years (at least 5) despite attempts by other pest control people to remove it. We are proud to have the expertise and knowledge to solve problems such as this, especially in an elementary school washroom where they cannot be tolerated.

Cornfield Ants
(genus Lasius)

Treating a cornfield ant nest.

Carpenter Ants and Nest
(Camponotus Modoc)

Inspection and treatment of a massive Carpenter Ant nest in floor joists of a home on the Sunshine Coast, BC.