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Kendel Pest Services is a locally owned and operated family company proudly serving the Sunshine Coast. With over two decades of experience in local pest control, we are industry experts you have come to rely on. We are honest, reliable professionals with the knowledge and experience to solve your pest problem with skill and integrity.

Though we are licensed pest management experts and certified pesticide applicators, we are not content to continue on with antiquated treatments, relying on the use of chemicals to achieve results. Many of the chemical treatments used in pest control are outdated and often are developed for profit by chemical manufactures.


We often look outside the industry for solutions to common pest problems that don’t involve poison or chemicals. We adhere to modern Integrated Pest Management practices, and when the use of pesticide is necessary we use preferred pesticides in limited quantities.

We do not believe in band-aid fixes; we provide long-term solutions through real experience and innovation. We approach each individual situation with tact and skill and have a reputation for solving problems others can’t. We value your business and we take pride in being there when you need us. Contact us for a consultation, you will be glad you did! 

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We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service at a fair price. We take the time to explain all possible options and provide information in a factual non-inflammatory manner, enabling our clients to make informed decisions.

Common Pests on the Coast

Do you know what the most common pests on the Sunshine Coast are? Want to know more about your pest control options and why it is important to have your home and/or property professionally inspected and treated?

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Explore a variety of videos showcasing our inspection and treatment expertise with carpenter ants, cornfield ants and termites. When you’re done, contact the experts. We can solve all your pest problems!

Committed to the Health of Customers

People and pets before profits! At Kendel Pest Services we use the safest possible products and techniques to solve your pest problem. The health of our clients is of paramount importance and we never cut corners when it comes to safety. All the products we use are preferred pesticides and have been rigorously tested to meet safety and health requirements. We have state of the art equipment and employ the latest technology and techniques to ensure precision and safety. We also offer pesticide-free options in conjunction with our Integrated Pest Management regimen. We are committed to protecting your health as well as your home or business.

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Our most frequently asked pest questions.

We are here to answer a variety of questions about common pest problems. These are a few of the most frequently asked ones, and some standard answers. Do you have a pest question?

I think we might have rodents, what now?

For most of our customers, rodent control starts with an inspection, at which time the technician also sets and baits traps to immediately start controlling any current rodent activity. Typically there is a follow-up trap check 7-10 days later, at which time traps are emptied and reset, and the inspection is completed.

If the technician feels it is possible to exclude rodents by sealing off access points (rodent proofing), then an estimate is generated and if accepted, the work is scheduled. When rodent proofing is not a viable option, we recommend maintenance of traps at regular intervals, especially during the cooler months.

I have hundreds of little, tiny ants on my kitchen counter. Help!

Odorous house ants are small (1.5–3.2 mm) ants that are very attracted to sweet food sources and are often discovered in kitchens trailing to and from a food source. These ants respond very well to borax-based treatments, easily purchased at most hardware stores. We find people have most success with Raid Liquid Ant Killer or Terro Liquid Ant Bait.

Typically most activity is visibly arrested by 3-5 days. A second application may be necessary, and sometimes we need to follow-up with an inspection and treatment to eliminate activity.

What are the benefits of an exterior perimeter treatment?

Exterior perimeter treatments (EPTs) prevent insect problems before they get started and reveal and arrest existing ant activity within a home or building. The EPT also prevents damage and reduces the likelihood that more invasive future chemical treatments will be required. EPTs are an important part of ongoing maintenance for homeowners who have had carpenter ant nesting in the past, by defending structures against further infestation.

Exterior treatments control most crawling insects, sow bugs and spiders outside the home and dramatically reduces activity inside as well. The primary reason for this treatment is ant control, especially carpenter ants, which are very abundant on the Sunshine Coast.

When done correctly, an exterior perimeter treatment will reveal current ant problems. If you start to notice increasing number of carpenter ants inside 7-10 days after application, please contact us. This could indicate active nesting within the home, and a spot treatment is usually required to eliminate it.

What can you do about my silverfish problem?

If you are not noticing fair numbers, you may be able to manage the issue by simply reducing the humidity and moisture within the home, and especially in those areas where silverfish are being seen.

Diatomaceous earth (you can buy food-grade at garden supply stores) can be sprinkled in areas of concern, to help further reduce numbers. 

It is worth noting that if the conditions (excess moisture/humidity) which caused (and now sustain) the problem are not dealt with, the silverfish will eventually come back, regardless of the treatment being completed. 

To control silverfish, we recommend the following:

  • Creating as inhospitable environment (relative humidity below 50% regularly) and removing food sources (see next) should go a long way to control the silverfish population.
  • Place as many preferred silverfish food sources in sealed plastic containers. Silverfish feed on natural textiles, wallpaper glue, books, and paper sources. In the kitchen they may feed on oats, flour, and sugar.
  • Silverfish like to hide in dark places, cracks and crevices and will also lay their eggs in these locations. Regular vacuuming with a crevice tool will help. Be sure to dispose of the vacuum bag outside.
  • Sealing up holes and cracks around windows and doors will work to keep silverfish from entering the building.

If your problem persists, or you have a more serious issue and are seeing large numbers of silverfish, it is recommended you call for an inspection and professional treatment.

Are these bed bugs?

It’s not unusual for us to receive photos from concerned homeowners of what they fear could be bed bugs. Most often, these pictures are of carpet beetles, and while they don’t bite, some people react to the hairs of carpet beetle larvae in marks that could easily be mistaken as insect bites.

Carpet beetles can be easily transported inside hitching a ride on something as benign as cut flowers. While adult beetles are more of a nuisance pest, the larvae feed on natural fibres and can be responsible for damage to these items.

The best way to control carpet beetles within the home is to vacuum regularly. Accumulated pet hair is a favourite place for carpet beetles to live, and larvae prefer the dark, secluded areas of closets, beneath furniture, or at the junction of where carpeting meets a wall so paying careful attention to these areas is recommended if you notice these beetles in your home.

Client Testimonials

Paul Clinton
Paul Clinton
Toby Hargrave
Toby Hargrave
Shawn... Sean... either way, he was fantastic. We took a stroll around the house had a great chat and he left with my mind feeling at ease. He interpreted what we were looking at, let me know what to look for down the road and how to address some of it on my own. His candour, enthusiasm and likability was such a stark contrast to so many customer service experiences these days. I'll stop far short of saying I can't wait to have termites to have him back but down the road when I have an issue there's no other company I'd call. I should add that their booking strategy is the bees knees. Email reminders and texts the day of with links to confirm helped me feel at ease that someone was actually going to show up. When so many of the companies around the sunshine coast seem to have a sundial or calendar as a watch as opposed to something that can actually tell time this was so refreshing.
Nick Horsley
Nick Horsley
Shawn is a hard worker and did a great job proofing my house. Reliable and fair priced service!
Chad Mundle
Chad Mundle
I can't stop saying great things about Kendel Pest Services. Both the technical and customer service they provide is outstanding. We had a nasty ground wasps' nest in the shrubs by the front door of our house. From the moment I reached out via e-mail the customer service and communication was top notch - very informative and friendly. Lee kept me up to date as opportunities to get it done sooner arrived. When the time came, Shawn was friendly and very efficient. He was more than happy to share his knowledge as my wife, son and I asked him questions. If you have pests, Kendel Pest Services should be your first call.
CR McCulloch
CR McCulloch
Jane Sherrott
Jane Sherrott
Outstanding, highly knowledgeable and humane services. I highly recommend Kendall Pest Services.
Cory Highfield
Cory Highfield
Friendly, prompt service, informative website, extremely knowledgeable and willing to explain the details. A++++

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