Preventing Problem Insects

Prevent, arrest and reveal ant problems with a non-invasive, safe, exterior perimeter treatment of your home or business.

The Benefits of an Exterior Perimeter Treatment

Carpenter ants swarm every spring on the Sunshine Coast. During this time you should expect to see large, flying carpenter ants outside, on your deck or at the exterior of your house. The odd one may even make its way inside through an open door or window!

Customers who have a yearly exterior perimeter treatment are well protected from carpenter ants, even if their treatment is scheduled to happen after the swarming activity has ended. The exterior treatment will work to arrest inside nesting activity by impacting ants as they cross the treated surface to forage outside. The treatment also isolates interior colony ants from outside parent colonies, preventing them from continuing within the home.

The Challenge

Carpenter ants are the most significant pest we deal with and can cause serious damage to homes and structures. Parent colonies, are typically found outside, and most of the ant nesting in homes is caused by satellite colonies formed from these outside, parent colonies. Depending on the species of carpenter ant, colonies can number up to 100,000 workers and as many as 40 queens (c. vicinus). Each spring, mature nests generate winged reproductives ready to form new colonies.

The Solution

Exterior perimeter treatments (EPTs) work to prevent problems caused by carpenter ants before they get started by application of a continuous barrier product along the outside perimeter of the structures you wish to protect. This treatment also prevents damage and reduces the likelihood that more invasive treatments will be required in the future, by defending structures against infestation.

Colony Ants

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Cost Effective

Exterior perimeter treatments (EPTs) prevent insect problems before they get started and reveal and arrest existing ant activity within a home or building. The EPT also prevents damage and reduces the likelihood that more invasive future chemical treatments will be required. EPTs are an important part of ongoing maintenance for homeowners who have had carpenter ant nesting in the past, by defending structures against further infestation.

Exterior treatments control most crawling insects, sow bugs and spiders outside the home and dramatically reduces activity inside as well. The primary reason for this treatment is ant control, especially carpenter ants, which are very abundant on the Sunshine Coast.

When done correctly, an exterior perimeter treatment will reveal current ant problems. If you start to notice increasing number of carpenter ants inside 7-10 days after application, please contact us. This could indicate active nesting within the home, and a spot treatment is usually required to eliminate it.

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