Pest Control Services

We do not believe in band-aid fixes; we provide long-term solutions through real experience and innovation. 


We locate and assess the nature of problems prior to treating..

Insect Treatments

Using preferred pesticides in targeted, precise treatments.

Rodent Control

We are the leading experts on control and exclusion.

General Pest Inspections

The most important component of Integrated Pest Management is the inspection. During our initial consultation we locate and assess the nature of any problems, identify the pests in question, and educate the client about possible solutions. As part of our service, we point out deficiencies that may attract or sustain pests and make recommendations. Often making a few simple changes or repairs can drastically reduce pest activity.

Home Buyer & Seller Inspections

Buying a home is the biggest single investment most people will ever make so it is important to have a home inspected prior to buying or selling. We provide a full report, make recommendations to remedy any existing pest situations, and will provide estimates if requested. 

Commercial, Sanitation Inspections

Inspections of commercial outlets such as offices, warehouses, grocery stores and restaurants are an important aspect of our business. Our main focus is always on prevention of pest problems before they occur. Using visual inspections and non-toxic monitors we can identify and arrest pest problems in their earliest stages saving our clients money, limiting damage and reducing the need for pesticide treatments.  Services are tailor-made for each individual client based on an assessment of their unique situation and needs. 

Rodent Control

Unfortunately rodents are a huge problem on the Sunshine Coast. We are leading experts on control and always use an Integrated Pest Management approach based on the particular species of rodent and the individual situation. We prefer not to use toxic baits and over 95% of our rodent control is pesticide free. Our preferred method of control is trapping in conjunction with environmental modifications such as removal of food sources, harbourages or other attractants. Often a few simple changes can cause a dramatic decrease in overall rodent activity. Once control has been established we recommend exclusion (rodent proofing) and clean up of contaminated areas to prevent a recurrence of activity. 

Rodent & Animal Proofing

Exclusion is the goal of any Integrated Pest Management plan. After control has been established we suggest repairs which should be made in order to prevent future infestations whenever possible. Effective rodent proofing is a process of elimination, which requires extensive knowledge and expertise. We have many years of experience with rodent proofing which makes us ideal candidates to complete any needed repairs. We have successfully rodent proofed hundreds of structures and pride ourselves on excellent work. 

Health Services

Clean up of areas contaminated by rodents, raccoons, skunks and other animals is a service we provide. Removal of nest debris, carcasses, droppings and urine left by rodents and other animals is essential. Not only do they contribute to ongoing activity by attracting other animals to the area, they pose a potential health risk to occupants. In attics, basements or crawlspaces which have been inhabited by animals we remove contaminated items and building materials such as insulation and vapour barriers. We then disinfect and deodorize these areas as needed and in most cases can restore them to their original condition.

Insect Treatments

We are also pleased to provide solutions for:

  • Ants
  • Termites
  • Spiders, sow bugs
  • Wasps, hornets
  • Beetles, moths
  • Flies, fleas
  • Silverfish, cockroaches
  • Any of your structural pest problems

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Frequent Insect Related Treatments

Exterior Perimeter Treatments

Exterior perimeter treatments (EPTs) work to prevent problems caused by carpenter ants before they get started by application of a continuous barrier product along the outside perimeter of the structures you wish to protect. 

Carpenter Ant Treatments

Treatment for carpenter ants can be quite involved. In our experience, working in stages is the most cost-effective, and responsible. It works just as well as a blanket treatment of the entire house, but is site-specific, targeted to the pest that’s causing the issue, and won’t douse your home in unnecessary pesticides.

Pre-Treat of New Construction

For termite protection, we apply a borax-based insecticide to all foundations and wood construction at or near ground level.

We can also provide a crack & crevice treatment. The product we use works as a physical barrier to insects that contact it.

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